Juice Plus for Dogs? (v 2)

I posted earlier about a person using Juice Plus for dogs.

I’ve been thinking about this – and someone commented on that post.

It does make sense that dogs are probably (and naturally) victims of mal-nutrition.

The person reported that their dog has a better coat and better breath.

This blog is not an ad, so I’m going to stop rambling. You can check it out for yourself at Juice Plus, or read this Juice Plus case study.



  1. Patrick DePriest said

    If dogs is a victim of malnourishment, then so are cows.
    Different animals have evolved to eat different foods, and none eat or need a greater variety than humans. Dogs, as different animals from humans, have a different digestive system than we do. Whereas we are evolved to be omnivorous and need to eat meats as well as vegetables and fruits to get proper nourishment, dogs are evolved to be carnivores. Their digestive systems can get all they need to from animals they naturally hunt and kill, and dog food is designed to provide them with a well-balanced diet.
    If the dogs LIKE the juice, then let them drink up:) I have dogs who like unripened tomatoes and bananas, but they don’t need them.

  2. juiceplus said

    What confuses me about the evolution argument is that evolution didn’t design us to be perfect, only live long enough to produce, so citing evolution as a mandate doesn’t make any sense.

    Also, evolution is progressive. Maybe in 200,000 years, dogs will live much longer because their system has the ability to get more of the nourishment people are trying to put in them through products like Juice Plus.

    Another argument against your evolution point is that evolution is a lie, and that God put us on the planet. While many of the republican candidates believe this, God himself told me that evolution is real.

  3. Patrick DePriest said

    Okay, I’ll concede the point about evolution. If God said it, it must be true :).
    As to the other stuff: I suppose anything’s possible, but here’s what it would take to breed dogs that would optimally survive on juiceplus:
    The basic rule is that the less efficiently your body metabolises, the quicker you die. That’s why the faster an animal’s heartbeat is, the shorter its life will be. Their bodies simply wear down faster because they are not as efficient at carrying out the material transport and chemical reactions that are necessary for life. However, if we feed them what they are good at metabolising, then they’ll live longer because their body has to work less.
    So to develop a dog that lives on juiceplus, you’d have to get a population of dogs and feed them nothing but juiceplus. If some of them have mutations that allow them to survive off of juiceplus, they will survive to reproduce. Then you continue to feed the next generation nothing but juice plus, and theoretically the ones who metabolise it the best will produce the most offspring. You continue to do this over thousands of generations and you get a dog that loves him some juice plus.
    It’s highly unlikely that you’ll achieve this from just occasionally feeding juiceplus to a few dogs from different populations.
    Also, in regards to your friend’s anecdote: I think that protein causes your dog’s coat to be more shiny, and fruits and veggies don’t often contain large amounts of protein.
    But I’ll still keep giving my fat ‘ole dog bananas.

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